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1975 Greatest Day In Your Life Commercial


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1975 Television Ads

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WOW! I was 13 years old when the park opened and I distinctly remember this commercial. In fact, I searched the internet for it about year ago but couldn't find it. Talk about the power of advertising; I remembered almost all of the words. Thanks so much for posting this....it was awesome to relive the newness of "The Greatest Day in my life".

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Perfect!! I remembered the entire song - but could never find the video online... Many great memories as a kid, many fantastic times as an employee for several years! Great Adventure was a unique work experience, and a wonderfully original theme park!


To the person who provided this commercial, a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

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Wow, you actually got the whole original commercial! There was a shorter 30-second ad which was cut from this footage which ran during '76 as well. Very cool! Many thanks to the person who was able to find this!!! It would be really great if SF would return the "uniqueness" to this wonderful park and continue along the original theme (everything oversized and larger than life etc.!)


I'd love to see them somehow return to the original logos and modify the lyrics to this original song to fit today's park and use it in today's ads. Today's ads are not "catchy"... they are quickly forgotten. This one, stuck in your head and created excitement and anticipation of a future park visit. The park needs that same kind of magic again and needs to really focus their marketing efforts on families and value.

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I would go to the park for this. Too bad Six flag did what is today a Thrill Park, I mean don't get me wrong there 'A' place for thought kind of thing but why Great Adventure? Althought it is the place where I rode my first ride with a loop (Bat Man)

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Guest My favorite GA commercial!


I’ve been looking for this ad! I remember most of the lyrics and also the song from when I was a kid.  And Insee someone posted above with a similar though as me.  How cool would it be if Great Adventure remastered this theme song and re-used these logos for its 50th Anniversary in just a few years?  No one puts this much effort into jingles and commercials these days.  This would be amazing! 

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WOW! I also, was looking for this commercial. It is a catchy tune and yes, I remember the words. We lived about 15 minutes away. I remember our first visit, it was their first week, we drove through the Safari, (before the apes started eating vinyl roofs!) Then we went to the amusment park. The Runaway Train was scary fun! Thank you for the video.

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