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For a brief moment in 1997, Premier Parks (which had yet to purchase Six Flags from Time-Warner and Boston Ventures), had won the management contract for Six Flags over Texas for the next 30 years with an option to purchase the park for $315 million.  Had this occurred, the original Six Flags over Texas (which, together with Six Flags over Georgia, is not owned by Six Flags) would have faced all sorts of licensing issues related to the Warner Brother's characters and even the park's name.  Six Flags Corp. owns the registered trademark "Six Flags" and the licensing rights to the Warner Brothers characters.  A last minute bid by Six Flags Corp. for the management contract and an option to buy for $350 million, sealed the deal for Six Flags.  Ironically, Premier Parks would eventually purchase Six Flags Corp., including all of the company's real estate (the fully owned parks) and management contracts for those parks not fully owned.

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