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are those HUGE boobs still on the ride today?

Yep...they've always been kind of hidden, first by the Adventure Theater and now by Blackbeard's. Usually the only time you see that figure head is when you're waiting to board and watching the ride from up at the gate. At the point where the boat swings highest she faces right into the pit with her boobs pointing at the drive wheels.

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As we know, sometimes before a ride is actually built a park often uses footage of a similar attraction at another park.


The swing ship ride in the 1980 Great Adventure commercial obvious is not our park's ride. The park also used the photo below to promote the ride before the Buccaneer opened in 1980. The photo was taken in August 1979. Does anyone recognize what park or pier this might have been. I see a skyway in the background so I am thinking something like Seaside, NJ or Santa Cruz, CA.



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Some members here, including me think the Buccaneer used to swing higher than it does now. SFA in MD has the same model that GADV has, and their Buccaneer swings up much higher than GADV's does now. So your sister could be thinking of that?

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