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Sarajevo Bobsled


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I have ridden this coaster at it's new home, and I love it. But with the low capacity and constant break downs this ride has, it would never survive if the park had it now!


-Dainan "It's VERY loud though" Rafferty

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That reminds me the first time I was at SFGAdv, remember seeing the bobsleds but I was too small to ride at the time. Got replaced by GASM before I was old enough and would be years before I could ride GASM. 21 years ago this spring, I am getting old LOL!

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When the ride was moved to Six Flags Great America the sleds were changed from a single row of six in-line seats to a 2x4 configuration. The side by side seating arrangements first appeared on Avalanche Run at Cedar Point in 1985. Either the design for this type of set-up was engineered after the initial 1984 debuts or the park went for authenticity over increased capacity.




Photos from RCDB.com

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When I worked at the park in 1986 the big end of the season rumor was that the Sarajevo Bobsled was being removed at the end of the year and was going to be replaced with the XLR-8 suspended rollercoaster from AstroWorld in Texas. The buzz was that the removal of the ride and construction were two of the reasons why the park was scheduled to close early that year by the end of September.


Six Flags bought two Intamin bobsleds with the intention of rotating them. Magic Mountain's ride was removed after the 1986 season but for whatever reason GA's removal was pushed back to 1987 (even though it stayed on until 1988). It is possible we almost had a suspended coaster (although not the best one) at GA.

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As the 2010 Winter Olympics open tonight, it is strange to look the remains of the real "Sarajevo Bobsled":





The former starting point of the bob and luge track during Olympic competitions.


Now after the Bosnian war in the early 90's:



With its prime position overlooking the city, Trebevic was an important area for Serbian fighters in the war.



After years of use, the mountain site was overrun during the war and left in ruin.



The high, concrete, sloping walls made the track the ideal spot for military trenches.


Photos: Sarajevo Olympic Photography

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Below is a postcard from the Great Escape (current home to Great Adventure's Sarajevo Bobsled).


Two observations about the image on the postcard -


(1) The bobsled features single file seating, like when it was at Great Adventure. The bobsleds were retrofitted to side by side seating when they were moved to Six Flags Great America, and feature side by side seating today at the Great Escape.



(2) The image on the card was printed backwards. Note the number '1' on the sled above. Here is the photo properly displayed:



The back of the postcard:


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Actually, this one was an easy one for me to spot. When I worked at the park in the mid 80s I became very familiar with the Bobsled's layout after having to walk the track each morning before it opened to the public to pick up leaves, hats, and trash.


The number '1' on the car just confirmed what I thought!

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