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Assigning workers to restaurants


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Employees are normal assign to one stand or they are scheduled relief where they filled in for call out or whoever needed help.


The park is divided into four areas for foods west,east,boardwalk and fountain.


Fountain: Cyber Cafe,Johnny Rockets fountain,Sweets Cakes,Main Street Deli,Liberty Pizza,Liberty Pub,Coldstone fountain, 2 other drinks/snack stand

Boardwalk: Character Cafe, Nathan's,Johnny Rockets Boardwalk,Watering Hole,Super Hero Snacks, Carousel Snacks

East: Coldstone 2, Coke freestyle, Granny's Chicken, Movietown Pizza, Nitro Pizza, Nitro Johnny Rockets, Tornado Zone

West: Wildside Pizza, Johnny Rockets El Toro,Best of the West, Sawmill Pretzel,Frontier Drinks

Dippin' Dots are also in all four area.

Stand not listed are not run by Six Flags

If there are any more question feel free to ask me.

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Employees are assigned to their place of work every week. This could be the same location or a different location depending on the day (if they need extra employees at a certain restaurant). Throughout the day one place may need more employees so some employees switch locations.


^above is all the food locations that are at SF.

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That is great information. I knew ride operators bounced between rides but didn't realize it was the same for food (and mostly likely merchandise). I never really thought about it.


Yeah it pretty much goes for all the employees in all areas/branches.

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Actually just noticed this topic and thought that I would mention that this is completely different than how Food Service operated in the '70s and '80s. When I worked in Food Service in 1981/1982, each host/hostess was assigned to a specific restaurant/stand and for a specific shift. Each restaurant also had a manager, and two assistant managers (with any one of the three working a specific shift). If a given location was short employees, they could borrow from another location that was not busy with approval from an area supervisor. In addition to the three managers, the three major restaurants each had their own supervisors on site (as opposed to the stand-type locations whose supervisors roamed a given area and were responsible for supervising about 6 different stands).


There were three shifts: 1) Day (10am - 6pm) 2) Swing (2pm - 10pm) and 3) Close (4pm - Midnight/Close). The only Food Service employees that rotated locations were cashiers. Each day you could theoretically have different cashiers in your location. And, a cashier did nothing except ring up the order and take the cash. They were not permitted to leave the register and with the exception of the assistant manager/manager of the restaurant, no other employee could use their register. Food carts workers were all cashiers and were rotated to the various cart locations based on demand.

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