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Firefighters donate hoses to Six Flags Safari for use as toys

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Robbinsville firefighters donate faulty fire hoses to Six Flags Safari for use as toys for animals



Robbinsville firefighters help load faulty fire hose that will be used for enrichment toys for the animals at
Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Park. (Courtesy of Robbinsville Fire Department)
Source: Times of Trenton - Dec 14, 2014

ROBBINSVILLE – Coils of faulty fire hose that would have been otherwise thrown away will now find a second life at Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Park – as toys for the animals.

The Robbinsville Fire Department recently had nearly 4,000 feet of defective hose that had to be replaced under warranty, Deputy Chief Dan Schaffener said. After returning the metal couplings to the vendor to be reinstalled on new hose, the department was left with a large pile of wasted hose.

"We've never had this much hose to be disposed of at once," Schaffener said. "We were just looking for creative ways to use it instead of throwing it in a Dumpster. We thought this was the best use for it."

They reached out to Hose2Habitat, a Maryland-based nonprofit that partners fire departments with zoos and animal sanctuaries to recycle surplus hose into habitat enrichment. The industrial-strength material of the hose is good for even the largest of animals to chew, scratch, walk, swing, rest and play on. Some zoos have fashioned them into hammocks, balls and climbing ladders.

When one zoo fell through, Schaffener contacted Six Flags, which gladly accepted the offer.

Parks spokeswoman Kaitlyn Turi said the donated hose was a first for the park, but that the animal care team would use it to create swings, perches and balls for a number of its safari animals, including African elephants, lions, tigers, baboons and birds.

"We're happy that it was put to a good, second use," Schaffener said.






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Faulty Fire Hose Finds New Life as Bear Feeder Toys at Six Flags Safari

March 2, 2015 – Jackson, NJ – Four-year-old European brown bear cubs Spot and Scarlett play with feeder cubes made from donated fire hose. The brother and sister duo roll the sturdy cubes until edible treats tumble out of the holes.

In December, the Robbinsville Fire Department delivered 4,000 feet of defective fire hose to Six Flags Safari. Since that time, Six Flags’ animal care team has worked diligently to create fun and useful animal enrichment materials from the hose such as swings, perches, balls and more. Hose2Habitat, a Maryland-based non-profit that partners fire departments with zoos and animal sanctuaries to recycle surplus hose, helped facilitate the donation.

Click HERE for video.



: Source: Six Flags Great Adventure

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