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Silver Safari Tours for Seniors

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What will they think of next... special Safari Tours for senior citizens. According to the park's website:


The Silver Safari Tour is the perfect group trip for seniors who are young at heart. Get an up-close look at 1500 animals representing 52 species from 6 continents all while riding in style on special Safari Off Road vehicles.


This tour takes place on Mondays in April and May when the theme park is closed so bus groups can be escorted close the loading platform to limit walking.


A stop at Camp Aventura, half way through your tour, gives your group the chance to stretch, see some of our smaller animals and shop our souvenir stand.




Here are the forms with additional details:









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I'm not 100% sure but I think it was an idea branched off of the current education days. The person must've saw how successful they are and had the idea to reach out to senior communities and do days like the education ones, just for the older communities. I think factoring in not a ton of older people make their way to the park anymore and this was a way to give them something to do without spending a fortune for a ticket to the whole park.



Typically there isn't a lot of seniors who ride so I'm wondering how attractive this idea is to them considering the bouncing and not that comfortable seating.

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