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Gr.Adv.Debate #51: Bringing back the past

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Season Pass holder (and now Memberships too) events like Coasters After Dark

Daily operations beginning the 2nd week of May

Great American Scream Machine

Hydro Flume

Rolling Thunder


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This is really hard. Only picking 5? Well as you can see I cheated a little. I would love to have so much back but I wouldn't take away much of the new if anything. I want the old with the new.

Here is my list:

5.  Aqua Spectacle/Fort Independence with the Dive and Dolphin shows

4. Stunt Shows (Batman Stunt Arena)/ Wild West Show (Great Arena)

3. Enterprise

2. Looping Starship

1. An 18 year old Me, I mean Rolling Thunder

Honorable Mentions: The Great American Scream Machine, Fireworks on the weekends (as mentioned by Njdevl9500), Lightning Loops, Haunted Castle, the Rotor, Monster Spin, Pretty Monster, Schwbinchen, Musik Express, Water Ski Spectacular, Paddle Boats… Anything that reminds me of the 70s and 80s.

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•The Old Country (As long as I can count a section)


•The Chiller 


•The Right Stuff (Motion Theater) 

Honorable mentions: Movie Town Water Effect, Bugs Bunny Land, Batman (Original Paint Scheme), Taz Tornado (Rotor) and Stuntman’s Freefall.

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1. Rides/attractions along the KingdaKa/El Toro pathway again instead of an empty (but now open!!) path.

2. A second Log Flume aka Hydro Flume

3. Constant shows in the barely used Theatres. Especially with recent investment in Movietown/Old Country, I feel as though now is the perfect time to introduce a summer show in the Showcase Theatre and The Stunt Arena.

4. Costumed superheros. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like I only see Looney Tunes walking around. Not sure if this is a thing of the past to 'bring back,' but it is definitely something the park should take advantage of.

5. Rolling Thunder 2.0


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1. Freefall

2. Chiller or Lightning Loops (a shuttle coaster in general)

3. More shows, could include more characters

4. Other IP's (not just Time Warner)

5. Something to look forward to at the end of the day (Fiesta Texas has a laser show, could simply be fireworks like what's been said before)

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Good news-Intermark Ride Group has a Freefall for sale!Other than that my choices are:

1-Scream Machine

2-Rolling Thunder with only lap bars

3-Chiller with newer OTSRs(the lap bars and ankle restraints were a little narrow for me).

4-new shows for the Showcase Theater and Stunt Arena.

5-Temple Of The Tiger show.

Honorable mentions:Fort Independence dive/dolphin shows;Glow In The Dark parade;park open until midnight during the summer;more cohesive themeing(ex:no superheroes on the boardwalk);replace all those lost trees(or as many as possible-it shocks me to see how much the park has lost in that area);Giant Teepee;and Viper(so people can experience that torture device in person).

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On 7/4/2018 at 9:26 PM, 29yrswithaGApass said:

You can bring back FIVE things from Great Adventure's past including rides, attractions, shops, special events, policies, etc.  What FIVE things would you reintroduce?


1. Rolling Thunder 

2. Wave Swinger (moved to Metropolis)

3. Big Wheel lighting package

4. Ride posters near front gate

5. Medusa theme back to Bizarro

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I am going to take a different approch:


The baboons.  but put them on the off road safari.  (I know it would need some type of re engineering but I want it)

The dive and dolphin show

the original fountain.  (I really believed the water shot as high as the big wheel)

Lighting Loops

Rolling Thunder.  (Lets make them one ride)  

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