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Day 12 - 2018: Offer Unlimited Drinks without the Sports Bottle

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Eliminate the requirement for guests to carry around a sports bottle to partake in the unlimited soft drinks offer.  Instead, for those who have purchased the drink option, have a Coca-Cola logo printed on their pass (sponsorship opportunity).  As with the bottle, guests could order a drink with their meal, snack, or by itself.  Having it on the pass would also allow for better control of any wait periods between refills.  We would imagine the cost to Six Flags for the sports bottle would be more than the cost of the paper cups a guest would consume in a season but if not offer the bottle-less option at a small upcharge.  Cruise lines have been doing this successfully for years (without the upcharge).

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  • 29yrswithaGApass changed the title to Day 12 - 2018: Offer Unlimited Drinks without the Sports Bottle
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Offering the paper cup option would be great!

We tried the paper cup option with our Cedar Fair passes this past year and it was much better than the plastic cup.


Here are some observations:


Paper cup (Cedar Fair Parks, Dorney, KI, CP, KD): 15 minutes or so wait time between drinks, cup is on the small side, sometimes there is a wait to process the pass transaction (even at drink stations), you can bring your drink on line for almost any ride, no worrying about misplaced/stolen cups, great for rides with different entrance/exit locations, increased number of trash cans and servicing, increased litter patrol. Consistent policy at all parks visited.


Sports Bottle (Six Flags, SFNE, SFGA, SFA): Refill over and over no problem, greater volume than paper cups, worrying about misplaced/stolen cups, pain in the neck to put in a locker, bees/wasps around cup holders. Consistent policy at all parks visited.


Paper cup vs sports bottle operator view: Inventory and disposal costs, customer satisfaction, sponsorship/marketing opportunities, cost per drink (beverage only vs beverage & cup), control of refill period, trash control throughout the park.

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I get the plastic bottle every year with the dining pass and never use it, I didn't even pick up this years version. Besides not wanting to carry it around, I don't like the idea of leaving it in a station or entrance to a ride where it could be taken by someone else either by accident or purpose or tampered with. Cleaning them is also annoying since they aren't dishwasher safe. The paper cups would be great.

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20 hours ago, ericthewanderer said:

Would people still be paying for soda or would it be like Holiday World were soda is free?


Not free to everyone like at Holiday World. It's still something you'd buy extra, or even have included as part of the membership. For example, you'd pay $25-$30ish once and get free soft drinks for the rest of the year. Instead of carrying around the souvenir bottle, just scan your pass and get a paper cup.

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