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Day 13 - 2018: Add a New Lighting Package to the Big Wheel

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Great Adventure's skyline is not the same without the miniature lights adorning both sides of the Big Wheel.  The flood lights they have now pale in comparison.  The park should invest in a new LED lighting package that could also serve as a nighttime light show all season long.  An alternative would be to replace the ride with a newer and bigger observation wheel that are very popular today.



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  • 29yrswithaGApass changed the title to Day 13 - 2018: Add a New Lighting Package to the Big Wheel

So, I am assuming, although it is not smart to, that for 2020 the park will be getting a new coaster. If this is true, I think that in 2021 the park should take a year off, maybe do a small flat ride if they feel it be necessary and refurbish the park. Add lights to the big wheel, fix pavement cracks, get rid of pinball building, paint Nitro and Superman, and other necessary improvements. While these investments may not bring in money in the short term, the long term will have lasting effects. People that come to the park will have a better feeling because of the subtle improvements and will want to come back. 

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