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Day 24 - 2018: Give Congo Rapids a Major Overhaul

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Great Adventure's rapids ride has not seen any enhancements since it first opened in the early '80s.  As the world's oldest continually operating rapids ride, the park should invest in revitalizing the attraction with the addition of geysers, sprayers, banks of mist, waterfalls, and a tunnel to bring new life to this staple of the park.  Adding some themed props and going retro by reintroducing the Roaring Rapids name would be a welcomed update to the park's ride lineup.

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Any improvements to the ride would be great. It feels like most of the ride you are just moving along the ride course without much of anything to see and depending the seat, could end up almost dry.  I like the idea of a tunnel.

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Unfortunately, the ride is very unpredictable in the fact that you might not get wet at all.  A “giant” whirlpool, geysers and sprays would be very welcome.  The ride course right now is pointless most of the time.  Theming or “Interactive” elements would help make the ride enjoyable.

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