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2019 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 5- Hand Sanitizer Stations

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Hand sanitizer stations all over the park would be great, especially at the exit of Justice League. I usually end up washing my hands afterwards since the laser guns are probably covered in germs (and I guess it's the same for seatbelts and lap bars as well on the other rides). Hershey has dispensers at the exits to almost every ride and since they are there, I frequently stop at them.

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It’s remarkable how unsanitary some people are. Last time I was at Disney we got a popcorn and sat on the brick wall near the American Adventure. Already seated next to us was a guy around 30 who was feeding his half eaten turkey leg to a crane that walked up to him. Besides the fact that this was a form of cannibalism, after the bird chomped on it for about five minutes the guy put it back in his mouth and continued to eat it. Needless to say we were grossed out and relocated. I won’t even talk about the people who opt out of washing their hands after using the restroom. 

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