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2021 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 18 - Repair The Dark Knight's Theme Elements

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People give TDK grief, but it's a fun ride that just about everyone can ride, and the dark ride elements when it open were actually well done. It's just a shame they haven't been maintained and the skyline theme element on the front of the building was never installed. Especially when the park has so few rides for those who are not big enough or brave enough for the big coasters, TDK is a great ride. 

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My favorite effect was the hologram billboards that looked like clowns were going to attack that unfortunately only worked for a few years after the ride opened.


I was never disappointed with TDK maybe because I knew it was going to be an indoor wild mouse and not a thrill coaster. I liked it along with Skull Mountain when I want to take a break from the larger coasters.

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