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Six Flags Television


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10 minutes ago, Yoshi said:

I remember the TV's when waiting in line for Rolling Thunder in the mid 90s. Even though the line moved fast back then, I liked Six Flags Television to help pass the time.


Whenever I hear this song I think of the back queue (left side) of Rolling Thunder at night waiting to ride.




And I remember the Waltons theme song (a Time Warner show) playing by the Flying Wave while they displayed trivia questions about the show.



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Those enclosures probably did trap heat in, both waste heat from the CRT as well as heat from the hot sun. They also likely trapped moisture if they lack proper ventilation and humidity control. Sometimes cars can rust out worse when they are kept in garages with poor ventilation trapping mositure instead of outdoors. I remember when I was at SFMM in 2002, all of their old Sixflags CRT TVs were still working, perhaps due to the drier climate? 


Were the old CRT TVs at GAdv taken down and stored during the harsh NJ Winters? 

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