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Busch Gardens Tampa, 11/18/22


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I visited BGT for a few hours today.


Operations were better than normal. Iron Gwazi was only stacking for 20 - 30 seconds. Cheetah Hunt had both loading stations open and was running 4 trains despite the trains going out with multiple empty rows. I thought it was interesting on a day when the park was empty that both Cheetah Hunt loading stations were open and it made me think they were expecting more crowds today. I thought it would be a low crowd day with local schools still in session today (schools in the area get all of next week off for Fall Break). My Disney World annual pass can't be used from today until the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend and I saw earlier today Rock N Roller Coaster had a 4 hour posted wait so it is crowded at other parks.


Iron Gwazi reopened last Saturday after a temporary closure. I'm glad to have it back open since it's the star attraction of the park.


I saw 2 maintenance workers at Phoenix. It looked like they were loading a water dummy into a seat and lifting restraints up and down on some of the other seats. I hope it does re-open with a day like today really showing how few flats and non coaster rides are operating. It was in the upper 60's, kind of cold for the water rides since you get soaked on both of them and besides those rides, that left the carousel, train and bumper cars for the only non coaster rides open. The new Screamin' Swing will help too. I also never tried Looping Starship at Great Adventure but maybe will try Phoenix if it does re-open.


Christmas Town started this week and I'm looking forward to visiting at night to see all the lights and to finally get an Iron Gwazi night ride.


Ride Count:

Iron Gwazi, 3x

Montu, 2x

Cheetah Hunt, 1x

Cobra's Curse, 1x

Scorpion, 1x

Sand Serpent, 1x















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