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2022 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 8- Completely Refurbish the Big Wheel

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Our wish for Day 8-- Complete refurbishment of the Big Wheel or replacement with a new observation ride. 


The Big Wheel NEEDS to finally get completely refurbished. New lights, paint, and general maintenance. Cedar Point has the twin and theirs is impeccably maintained and kept up to date. 


If it can't be maintained it should be replaced with a similar ride offering a gentle, family observation ride and not a thrill ride. The replacement of the Wave Swing with the Sky Screamer was an example of bigger and more thrilling not necessarily being better. 




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On 12/8/2022 at 12:51 PM, GAcoaster said:

I'd be OK with replacing it, but there's really no reason they can't just maintain it properly. 


If they do replace it I'd want to see something similar to replace it and not a "thrill" ride. The park has lost too many family flat rides. 

Spot on with everything you say.  Either bring it up to as close to nearly new as possible or replace it with a new Big Wheel of at least the same height, keeping in mind that the replacement of the Flying Wave with Sky Screamer was really the replacement of a family ride with a thrill ride.  Again, you can't sell a park to a broad demographic like families when 90% of your attractions are thrill rides/rollercoasters.  Your advertising may bring them in once, but when they see the reality of the experience at that premium price, you're not likely to see them again.

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