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2022 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 20- Offer Season Drinks Without the Bottle

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The drink bottle is a pain in the butt!  You either forget, lose it, or it gets destroyed.


The new member bottles are better because they are more durable, but it still doesn't solve the issue of them being taken by other guests since they all look the same. 


It's time to offer season drinks the way other parks do, with disposable cups so you get a drink when you want it, then throw the cup away.  

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I hate having to carry a drink bottle all day.  If a bottle-free annual drink plan was available I think I’d buy that before a meal plan.  All they would have to do is add it to your pass and a drink would ring up as no charge.  They could even put a time restriction like one drink every 30 minutes so people don’t abuse it.  

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Even when I got the souvenir bottle free with the premium dining pass, I never used it except the day I got it because I didn’t want to leave it in the station or entrance to a ride and did not want to pay to leave it in a locker. 

Even with the drinks not included with the dining pass at Dorney, I paid the $30 for the season to get a disposable 16 oz cup plan. It was great walking up to a drink stand, get a cup and not have to deal with carrying anything all day. 

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