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2022 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 21- Add Better Benefits to the Annual Pass

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I think the one thing the new CEO got right was Annual Passes were(are) too cheap, but to sell the same passes at a higher price without giving better or more benefits doesn't make sense. Offer more perks (which generally cost little or nothing for them) and offer bigger discounts on food and merchandise in the parks with the passes. 


Passholders don't usually eat in the parks or spend much on souvenirs-- if you give them a discount they suddenly feel like they're getting a bargain and they will spend more money.


SeaWorld Parks offer  passes at higher prices, but give lots of discounts and vouchers for stuff all through the year to keep their passholders returning to the parks over and over and spending money-- that's why their guest per cap spending is so much higher than Six Flags. 

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I agree that discounts will make people want to spend more. I bought a few things each year at Great Adventure with the exception of when they had extremely low markdowns when I bought more.


When I go to SeaWorld or Busch Gardens, I would say I am buying something at one of those parks at least once a month, sometimes more often. A t-shirt for $27 at regular price is a lot more appealing when it’s around $7 after the annual pass discount and Busch/SeaWorld Bucks. 



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Absolutely-- we spend money at Busch and SeaWorld all the time with the vouchers and discounts. The food and wine festivals where passholders get a free sample or two plus extra samples when they buy the sampling lanyards are another great example of perks that encourage more visits and more spending from pass holders.  

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