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2022 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 24- Plan (Big) for the Park's 50th Anniversary Season in 2024

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Our final wish for the year is the actually for the 2024 season and the park's 50th.


PLEASE-- make some plans for the park's 50th anniversary. It doesn't have to even be elaborate, but there should be some kind of celebration or at least an acknowledgement of significance of the date. 


While I love Great Adventure they always seem to let things sneak up on them-- like it's always a surprise that Fright Fest opens and they're not prepared. 



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5 hours ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

This really is a monumental event and GreatAdventureHistory would love to help in any way we can.  Just let us know how we can assist at feedback@greatadventurehistory.com or happlegate@greatadventurehistory.com. 

You would think (or at least hope) that they might do something, given that they were willing to work on having the exhibits there in the past as a temporary museum...  Seems only logical that this type of anniversary would be a time for that type of thing to return!

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I've got plenty of ideas for the 50th anniversary!Here are my main ideas:

1-take out the go-karts and Dare Devil Dive and replace with an antique car ride.

2-flat rides galore! Namely a Larson Flying Scooters and Tilt-a-whirl, and a Huss 2nd Gen Condor,2nd Gen Enterprise, and Air Boat rides.

3-a musical/dancing fountain set-up for the lake.

4-shows all year for the Showcase theater, even if they have to "out-source" them.

5-get rid of the paintball building!

Honorable mentions: getting a brand new ferris wheel(or at least fixing the one they got) and gettting new trains for Green Lantern; by that I mean the new-style stand-up trains Sea World is getting or regular sit-down trains.

Also, IIRC HH turns 25 in 2024,so they get a Mack Power Splash and a Vekoma Family Splash Suspended Coaster.

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2024 should be big if the park has been so focused on its TLC! I'm expecting either a major flat ride, or a new coaster - location: the former site of the Northern Star Arena. I'm honestly not sure what it could be, but there's plenty of guesses to make.

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