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Fright Fest 2024

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This is an interesting development. I have to wonder how well they'll execute this considering so many were already have been done by Universal for HHN there's bound to be a comparison, and I don't know how Six Flags will be able to pull it off between not having dedicated facilities (soundstages and tents) and not having the expertise. I assume they'll be contracting them out, but who knows... 


Interesting new detail:



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Given that outside companies worked on the two licensed attractions last year (if I'm not mistaken), I wonder how much Six Flags was able to leave intact. With The Conjuring and Saw X mazes being in the otherwise unused locations between Superman/Green Lantern and by the Kingda Ka station, respectively, the basic bones of those haunts could already be in place.


My expectation is that Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be replacing Bloodshed, but it would be interesting to see it end up elsewhere.

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