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SeaWorld Orlando, 7/2/24


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I haven't been to a park in over a month (other than stopping in Busch Gardens to use my Busch Bucks after visiting Adventure Island). It's been hot and humid to the point where I really don't want to spend too much time outside even though this is my 4th summer in Florida and I thought I might be used to the summer weather by now.


With Penguin Trek having annual pass previews, I went to SeaWorld to try the coaster but didn't spend too much time there.


There are new kiosks at the park entrance that work much better than the old ones. The old ones always were out of service or freezing up.


At the entrance to Penguin Trek, you had to show your Platinum Pass to be allowed to enter the line. The wait time sign was posting a 15 minute wait but it was a walk on unless you wanted the front or back rows.


The queue starts outdoors but is mostly indoors which is a welcome addition with the air conditioning. The queue is themed well with some props and then there are stairs and a walkway over the track in the station. It reminded me a little of Kingda Ka's walkway entering and exiting the station.


The seats and overhead lap bar are comfortable and there are 9 rows with 2 seats each.


There is a small dark ride section before the first launch where you are in a cave and some other minor theming I won't spoil.


The first launch was good and the ride is mostly a lot of twists and turns without too many drops. The ride isn't forceful at all but I wasn't expecting it with it being marketed as a family coaster. The second launch is close to the end of the ride before a large banked turn. There was a little bit of a rattle but not too bad. I would say it reminded me of Slinky Dog Dash but faster.


For my 2nd ride I waited 5 trains for the front. After a 3rd ride I went to Journey To Atlantis. There was almost a full queue but passholders get free Quick Queue Unlimited after 5 pm in July and I only waited 5 minutes. I got soaked but didn't mind with it being to hot out. After another Penguin Trek ride, I went to Mako and had a station wait. I normally ride Mako multiple times each visit but the heat was starting to get to me and decided to head out.


Penguin Trek is a great addition to SeaWorld and really needed. The park has so many thrill coasters and something much tamer really adds to their lineup. I think it's going to be very popular with both families and enthusiasts as it's just thrilling enough for enthusiasts to want to ride the coaster multiple times. I really enjoyed the coaster and would put it as my 3rd favorite ride in the park after Mako and Journey to Atlantis.















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Great photos and writeup. The opinions I've seen so far are all but unanimous in praising Penguin Trek as a fantastic addition to the park. It seems to bridge the gap between thrill and family coaster perfectly. Kudos to SeaWorld for adding a ride of this caliber that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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