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SFGA Announces Its Most Terrifying Fall Line-Up for 2022

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Six Flags Great Adventure Announces Its Most Terrifying Fall Line-Up for 2022


Join Us for Terrifying Scare Zones, Spooky Haunted Houses, Family-Friendly Shows, Authentic German Fare and World-Class Thrill Rides This Fall Season


JACKSON, N.J. ─ September 3, 2022 ─ Six Flags Great Adventure, The World’s Ultimate Thrill Park, announces its fall line-up of events, including Fright Fest presented by SNICKERS®, which promises to be the scariest event ever! While daylight hours are reserved for the family-friendly Kids Boo Fest and Oktoberfest, the theme park will pull out all the stops for “fright by night.” These events run on select days September 16 through October 31.


Oktoberfest Food Festival ─ September 17 through October 30

Oktoberfest Food Festival will become a new family favorite, filled with a large selection of seasonal craft lagers and beers from around the world, a variety of frightfully delicious cocktails and mouth-watering German-style foods designed to tantalize the taste buds.


“Family-Friendly” Kids Boo Fest ─ September 17 through October 30

Six Flags will adorn the theme park in its fall finest with mums, pumpkins, cornstalks and hay bales. Kids Boo Fest attractions for families will include trick-or treating in Cornstalk National Park, Scarecrow Street at Liberty Fountain and two live shows, the Spooktacular Dance Party and Witch’s Brew.


“Terrifying” Fright Fest ─ September 16 through October 31

At 6 p.m., things take a frightening turn! Families with young children, those with sensory sensitivities, and those who scare easily are encouraged to exit the park. Nighttime festivities include a fan-favorite ghoul parade, live stage shows, and terrifying scare zones, plus six haunted houses for the ultimate scare. Fright Fest will also feature the theme park’s enhanced dining options, fall shopping including popular Fright Fest hoodies, and a world-class lineup of rides and attractions, including the newly renovated Jr. Thrillseekers area and Medusa roller coaster. All daytime Fright Fest attractions are included with park admission.


Fright by Night activities:

·         Five midway scare zones (free with park admission):

o   Exile Canyon

o   Clown Town

o   Scarecrow Street

o   District 6

o   Lady of the Lake Cemetery


·         Six haunted houses for the ultimate scare (purchase required):

o   Blood Shed

o   Reflections of the Dead

o   Fears

o   The Manor

o   Aftermath

o   Big Top Terror: Forgotten Carnival 3D


·         Six creepy nighttime shows (free with park admission):

o   The Arrival Ghoul Parade – Saturdays & Sundays

o   The Awakening – Saturdays & Sundays

o   Dead Man’s Party: Grave Stories

o   Unleashed

o   Blood Drums

o   Freak Show




Source:  Six Flags Great Adventure

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  • 29yrswithaGApass changed the title to SFGA Announces Its Most Terrifying Fall Line-Up for 2022

Information about the lineup for Fright Fest 2022 is now on the SFGA website.


Looks like there are fewer trails this year.  Missing are Wicked Woods, Xpedition Dino Survival, and The Lab.




Passes to the trails (not including park admission) are also available now.  Each is valid for only one time through each maze.



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From watching some vlogs, it looks like the park has really upped its game on Fright Fest this year. (Feels like one of the first clear examples of Selim's "premium" product coming through.)


Scare zones and trails have both been refreshed pretty thoroughly, and most feature far more actors (with better training, it seems) than ever before. And according to the "Thrills & Magic" YouTube channel, the park is only halfway to their hiring target for ghouls – all very impressive, IMO.

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3 hours ago, I Have No Name said:

I'll be going the last weekend (October 29-31) and just thinking if crowds are light .... I'd have no need for a flash pass for the rides nor an express line pass for the mazes.


You innocent little cherub.


Each week gets progressively more and more crowded leading up to Halloween. By the last week or two of October, the crowds get so bad they usually have a bunch of K9 police units stationed at the park. The only possible way that the final weekend of October WON'T be crowded is if a hurricane passes through.

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I will say, Fright Fest crowds are late crowds. So if you get there at opening, you can easily knock out a good portion of the big coasters before the crowds get bad, even on the busiest day of the year. Speaking from experience here.


And with the pricing adjustments this season, there's really no telling what the rest of FF will look like. Though I hope for the park's sake that crowds do pick up.

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