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  1. Really hoping Cedar Fair takes the lead on all parks after the merger. Rides should be ready at the start of the season, not mid-summer. I like that their parks have been embracing their uniqueness and moving away from cookie cutter additions, and I hope as combined company this continues.
  2. Wow-- I never heard of it before. There were so many little parks like this that were a "big deal" then just faded away between the depression and the ride of bigger, regional parks.
  3. It was so loud, and part of that was that it was right on the walkway! There was no avoiding it.
  4. After looking at many options, I have decided that the best path forward for our Forums is to partner with ParkFans.net. They already have an active forum which primarily focuses on Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Kings Dominion, but covers parks around the country and around the world as well. They have always had active discussions of Great Adventure, and welcomed our members to become part of their forums. https://parkfans.net/threads/welcome-greatadventurehistory-com-forum-members.7998/ I hope everyone will join me there!
  5. I am finalizing the plans for the future of our Forums, and should be ready to announce it soon.
  6. They announced the "new" Tiana's Bayou Adventure will open this summer at WDW and showed of the really impressive animatronic:
  7. This seems to be a contractor building and running it, so the risk for the park is minimal.
  8. Good to see work finally started: The pricing I saw on FB for the Safari Camp is insane though...
  9. Never thought I'd see the day the park bills itself as a "resort" The pricing I've been seeing on the "glamping" is just INSANE if true, but we'll see what happens...
  10. And apparently it will live on in a new home!
  11. I'm just so glad they kept it instead of removing it. It was a real close call from what I understand...
  12. I am hoping to send out an email to everyone on the mailing list announcing the next steps, along with posting it on Facebook. It looks like the Forums and Galleries here will still be functional into March, so we have a few weeks left here as well.
  13. As soon as the details are settled I'll let everyone know. It SHOULD be something that everyone will be happy with.
  14. Not to worry, I am fairly certain we have a new, better solution which should make everyone happy. I hope to have more information and an announcement soon...
  15. Nice to see the horses getting painted!
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