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Visitng GA 1974 Today

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The 1974 Tour and the Home Movie give a pretty good idea of what Great Adventure was like when it first opened.


I am curious... Suppose Great Adventure today was of the same size and scale, and featured the same ride, show, and attraction mix first offered in 1974. Do you think you would enjoy the park? Why or why not? Would you enjoy it more or less than today's park?

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I think I would enjoy it basically as much as I would today. While there woudln't be the same extreme rides found in the park today, I think the show selections with the Dolphin Arena and the Northern Arena would have been quite entertaining. Some of my favorites such as the Big Wheel and log flume were there in the opening season so that would have been nice. One thing I would love to be able to partake in was the Balloon ride the park had at that point so that would be nice for sure.


I feel like the 1974 version of the park had its own quaintness which you don't really see today in the age of corporate park chains and major attractions. The only change there might be with me would be that with the park being smaller than today I would probably run out of things to do over and over again so I might visit more sporadically than I do today.

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Anyone would really enjoy the park, it's just a matter of excitement like JetsDevs said. It would be a very enjoyable day to have, but the thrill and excitement factor that brings in most guests just wouldn't be there. I would certainly enjoy it very much, but not quite as much as the park today.

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