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Epcot and Fun Spot Kissimmee 10/14/23


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Last week I went to the Orlando area.


Epcot was crowded as expected. Test Track's single rider line was about 15 minutes because they were only using 3 out of 4 loading areas. The standby and Lightning Lane lines looked bad with the Lightning Lane line outside of the building and a long line after the pre-show.


I mainly stayed in Future World and besides multiple Test Track rides, rode Spaceship Earth, Living With the Land, Gran Fiesta Tour and The Seas With Nemo.


I had not been to Fun Spot Kissimmee on a weekend before and while there were more people there compared to the weekdays when I usually visit the park, crowds were still very low.


Mine Blower was a walk on or 1 train wait at the most. I rode 3 times which is the most I have ever ridden the coaster in 1 day before. The re-tracked sections really helps a lot. 


The only real lines in the park were the Go Karts. With not all karts being used, the yellow track was probably 45 minutes and the blue track around 30 minutes. I didn't feel like waiting compared to a visit a few weeks ago when only myself and one other person were driving on the blue track.


I feel like many people don't know about the ride area at the end of Old Town and having the ticket booth closed doesn't help as people may not want to walk back to the main Fun Spot area to get a wristband or tickets.


I rode Hurricane twice, both times getting solo rides and went to Paratrooper. I had always wanted to try the ride at Knoebels but never got around to it and never tried it at Dorney either. I was hesitant to try it here because the website stated it goes forwards and backwards but when I saw it cycle, it only ran forwards. It was fun but a little too long of a cycle for me. Fun Spot's flat rides all have very long ride cycles compared to the parks back home.


I was going to ride Galaxy Spin as it had recently reopened and the flying scooters but had enough after that Paratrooper ride.









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All that money for upcharge fastpasses and still have a long wait, ugh. That is one reason I don't go to Disney anymore. Hopefully things will turn around sometime.


That is good news about Mindblower, I was shocked how rough it was when I rode if last year. Are the crowds at the Funspots during the day? I only been to them at night and found the other park patrons scuzzy. 

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Yeah the Lightning Lane lines can get bad on some rides, especially ones with a pre-show and then a line afterwards with it being past the merge point. Runaway Railway is probably one of the worst with it taking a minimum of 20 minutes from the time you enter the Lightning Lane line and actually board the ride. I usually try to go to the more popular rides during the night time shows or fireworks. Last month at Hollywood Studios I was able to ride Tower of Terror and Rock N Rollercoaster twice in about 30 minutes while most of the crowds were at Fantasmic. I don't mind missing those shows but if someone is on vacation, I can see not wanting to do that.


Both Fun Spot parks are usually empty during the day at least on weekdays. It's rare I have to wait for anything other than the go karts and there is hardly anyone walking around the park.

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