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The Big Cat Gates


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If I remember correctly it went 1st lions, black bears, 2nd lions, brown bears, bird sanctuary, Bengals, leopards, Siberians, sheep and goats, and my baboons. I don't remember where the Bengals were sent. I do remember some of their names- Reverend Peewee Bones and Stalker. I recall the section was hard to see the roos in in the beginning. David Barnes and Charlie Hull were in charge of the change over. Seems to me it was later in the season.

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Orginal Safari was, 1. American 2. Elephant/Rhino/Ostrich 3. African Plains. 4. 1st Lions 5. Black Bears 6. Bengal Tigers 7. Brown Bears 8. Bird Sanctuary 9. Leopards. 10. Second Lions ( but was proposed to be Cheetahs) 11. Siberian Tigers 12. Sheep and Goat 13. Baboons.

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