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Six Flags Power Plant History


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I visited the Six Flags Power Plant in Baltimore's Inner Harbor when it first opened. It looked impressive inside - very Jules Verne like. There were only a handful of attractions with the most memorable one being the "Sensorium". It was a 3D move that made use of seat movement and vibrations as well as a whole host of smells including roses, skunks, and hot dogs. Those types of movies are pretty common today (often referred to as 4-D) but this one was really ahead of its time. The other attractions made use of special effects and were either shows or exhibits/walk-thrus (no rides).


Gary Goddard Entertainment, makers of GA's Glow in the Park Parade, did the design work for the Six Flags Power Plant.

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I have heard that at least one of the masks hanging up in HH are from the old power plant. Sadly I never saw either in person since Power Plant was just before my time and Auto World was open when I was 2.

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I loved The Sensorium attraction.  It was really ahead of its time with its 4-D effects- even Disney didn't have them yet at the time.  I remember one of the scenes was at a carnival/circus and some sort of ringmaster character extended his hand towards the audience and you could smell the hot dog he was holding.  The film had a catchy little song too.

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I thought I already mentioned this but I ate at the Hard Rock there once. Spring 2013 sticks in my mind. I would spend the night on Constellation in Spring 2017-I have two goofy videos on my YT channel from that (but not on the ship).

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Over on Twitter/X, Eddie Sotto who did a lot of the design work for the Power Plant has been posting fantastic concept art and info about it:






His account is amazing with lot of great background info on the Power Plant and many other projects he worked on. He was a big part of the Euro Disney design team and has been posting tons of stuff about that park in celebration of it's 30th anniversary. 

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