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Six Flags New Orleans history video


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That was really interesting. I had no idea there were a few plans to try to revive it. If it ever happens it needs a ton of work but like they said could be the biggest 'come back' ever. I love seeing photos and video of abandoned parks, it adds a whole different visual that is rarely seen.

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Jazzland was a fun park. I had been to it during its opening season and after Six Flags took over. In its early years one of its biggest problems was poor managment. They offered big discounts- Two for's etc., rather then letting it take its time to develope and grow. It was slow paced and very New Orleans in its look and feel. Just a fun day outing. Another visit after the Six Flags was some what disapointing. Yes there were more rides and attractions, but it became a clone of every other park in the chain with a lot of the same issues that most of them suffered from and we've all debated here. So now that there's new plans in place hopefully it will include a return to its Jazzland roots all about the City, its culture and its people. That's if the city decides to forgive any back taxes and installments and allow a company to come in and turn it into a celebration.

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well this song can explain it, Johnny I hardly knew Ya (but we can say Jazzland). here's the link that I use for this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFUTHcjiZGo&list=LLHj4vkdMlAez0XYxIGsmrHg&index=1

^ I try to make a parody if you guys wish and I will post it on my YouTube.

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I visited Jazzland back in 2001, it was such a nice park. I can still see it being so new and clean in my mind. One thing the video gets wrong was that the sim theater didn't show Pirates 4-D which I saw in BG Tampa. Jazzland's sim theater at the time I visited showed a 4-D film about Jean Lafitte in a sea battle against Asian pirates. The whole building and preshow was themed about Lafitte and the film was a drama, not a comedy like Pirates 4D. I guess it is possible the films were switched after 2001 before Sponge Bob took over. The sim threater even featured fake rats with lit eyes and squeaking.

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well I did what I said I would. this parody of the song, Johnny I hardly knew ya includes a Jako (eyes that gave people fright), a reference to the drop towers(towers of height, great escape in new England's gate(Big Easy's days are done), and the point the park had no shade(and now no paint); everything else is related to the perspective of the group that's singing the song witch would be very hard to explain.

The Corus goes: with jokers and jesters and jokers and jesters [hora, hora](repeat), with jesters and jokers Katrina completely slew ya, oh what you feared came so soon, Jazzland I hardly knew ya. the last time the Corus is sung though it changes to: ...Katrina never slew ya, is there a second chance in the light? {long pause} Jazzland I barely knew ya.

-simple explanation for rest of song: a group of bikers called the Toldstones left after Katina so they would not face murder charges and escape to Indianapolis for the following 12ish years when there friend is finally locked up for good and land in our region. this song is basically after the leader of the Toldstones, Danny, is killed by the former Indianapolis police commissioner in the Valley Forge casino. Then end of the song is telling us they have turned themselves in and know what they will face leaving the listener a sad ending: I'll sing this song til the day I die, Jazzland I barely knew ya{hold}.

  • may release actual lyrics another time.
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Lyrics to song:

Jazzland I hardly knew ya

Wile on the rode out of New Orleans (Hora, Hora)[x2]
Wile on the road back, with the sinking light I remembered this ancient cry, it sang on our last night, Jazzland I hardly knew ya.[Corus]

Corus: with jesters and jokers hora, hora[x2, then 1 w/o hora]Katrina completely slew ya, oh what you feared came so soon, Jazzland I hardly knew ya.

Where are the eyes that gave people fright (hora, hora)[x2, 1 more with out hora]
Theme was lost, now Joko the jester too, why did you let six flags run, Jazzland I hardly ya.[Corus]

Where are the towers of height? (Hora,Hora)[x2, then 1 w/o hora]
Off at the great escape in new England's gate, The Big Easy's days are done, Jazzland I hardly knew ya[Corus]

You haven't shade you haven't paint (hora, hora) [x2, then 1 w/o hora]
You have a hero that changed its name, in Texas it now reigns saying, "Jazzland I barely knew ya".[Corus]

Well I'm glad to be home(hora, hora)[x2]
Chain us up, our masters dead, both Toldstone and park alike, I will sing this song till the day I die, Jazzland I hardly knew ya.[Corus, x3]

- last time Corus is sung, ends with Katrina never slew ya, is there a second chance in the light? Jazzland I hardly knew ya...

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http://www.jazzlandpark.com/index.html anybody check out the project site, goal is to have it reopen for 2018 some time-kind of geeking out about this park, think it might be favorite park, even beats Cedar Point which is older and has consistently operated [seasonally].

With their Twitter presence, I've been comfortable to talk about these bikers who lived in the House of the Rising Sun; which in the greater {Agency} Universe is right across the lake from the park. They group up and eventually loose their master, find an interest in repairing things, end up getting tangled in the Jazzland's plans for expansion after the managers at the time discovered their musical talents. The Plans for this Toldstone land would have caused a retheme of Zeddeco Scream to Toldstone Power Run, a theater, and a swinging Inverter Ship (no name was ever given as when Six Flags took up the lease, they quit and DC Comics took over the land).

With the fall of Six Flags plunging deeper and deeper into debt, the park's in the city's hands and the Toldstones want to clear their name of a crime they had done when Katrina was going to hit the area head on (didn't it follow the Mississippi?); take the $184M Six Flags kept at the city bank(s). From their, the agency plot seals the final fate of the park and the Toldstones as a plausibly Eternal war begins (it's actually lasts a total of 16 years but only affects earth for 12 of them).

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