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Len Turtora Retires from Six Flags


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Len is a long time fixture at Great Adventure, worked many roles with Six Flags in his 45 years with the company:




Len Turtora has decided to retire effective April 24th. I share this with mixed emotions. I congratulate and thank Len for his outstanding 45 years of service and commitment to Six Flags. On a personal note, my interaction with Len during my interview process was a key reason that I felt so good about the Six Flag’s team, our culture, and passion of our people for each other and our guests. Len has an incredible history with Six Flags, serving as the Director of Finance at Six Flags Great Adventure, and as the Park President in La Ronde where he led the transformation of the park into a Six Flag’s property. He returned to Six Flags Great Adventure and moved into the role of Director of Operations. In that capacity, he took on the responsibility of leading the Operations Division for the entire company.


I would like to thank Len for his many years of service and his many contributions to the company. Six Flags is in a better place because of Len. Fortunately, we will have Len in the coming years as he continues to work with John Winkler as a consultant. I do wish him the very best as he moves on to the next adventure in his life.


Please join us in thanking and congratulating Len on his contribution to Six Flags.


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