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Gr.Adv.Debate #53: What was the dumbest and most unnecessary ride removal in SFGAV's history?

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17 hours ago, GAcoaster said:

Pirate's Flight (and most of the War on Lines rides which were removed)

I definitely agree with this. Pirate's Flight looked like it could be the longest running War On Lines ride at it's opening and it was relocated for seemingly no reason. The spot it was in was alright, and possibly could still fit somewhere else in the park. Relocating it to Six Flags Ohio was confusing.

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16 hours ago, 29yrswithaGApass said:

Simulator Theater -  they should have never gutted the building before having its replacement signed, sealed, and delivered.  It was a scrapped for nothing.  

I still don't get why they did this. The building sits there for seemingly no reason nowadays other than hosting a haunted maze. It seemed perfectly fine and at the point it closed, it's theme didn't tie in with the Scream Machine, so if the plan was to remove it along side the Scream Machine, that wouldn't any sense. Just seemed like it was scrapped for seemingly no reason.

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  • 5 months later...

pirate flight, they sent that ride to geauga lake instead of getting a copy of that ride, what makes it worse?, they replace it with a ride that feels out of place in lakefront that used to be in golden kingdom


flying wave, they would have replace it with a newer model and just place skyscreamer in the old spinmeister site instead


simulator theater, they should never closed the attraction after the 2009 season, they would have shown robots of mars in there instead of gutting it just like six flags over texas did


Musik express, this ride would easily been rethemed to the flash just like six flags magic mountain's ride


rodeo stampede, they should have easily move the ride to where the western shootout building is & let six flags over texas get a copy of that ride


antique cars, they should have move the ride to another area like they were going to do


splash water falls/movietown water effect, they should have put the dark knight coaster in the old site of the chiller station instead (that would means justice league would have gone to the old simulator theater building instead)

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