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GA Employee Uniform Photos Wanted

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Here's the security uniform. The shirts were tan and the pants and trim were brown.




First Season -'74 We wore black pants could hsve been charcoal grey- a short-sleeve white uniform "cop" shirt with shoulder ephaletd , scaloped chest pockets and chest tabs for pinning on a badge and nametag. The hats were like the ones in the photo above my post, but were very light-weight with NO decoration at all. We wore Orange Operations Jackets at night and in bad weather

No Patches or I D on the uniform other than the nametag.


2nd Season they went to a two tone tan with brown trim light weight Poplin shirt with a generic round G A patch , dark brown polyester pants and a straw hat like the one in the photo. Permanent Employees were issued heavier duty Stetson Hats. and long sleeved perma-press uniform shirts with the first real G A Security Patch on the shoulder. Jackets got better also...see my photos


BTW- a personal note. In the photo of the group on the stairs just above this post of mine, on the bottom row, on the far left is Officer Mike Chueng, You had me identify him in your photo of the radion operator elsewhere on this forum

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Do you get to wear a safari hat?

The first year they had hats and possibly were part of the uniform but they found out shortly after they were uncomfortable, not liked, and would constantly blow off. They still have a few if people want to wear them otherwise the only other hat you can get is the normal six flags hat.

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