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2022 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 1- Add a new attraction to the Simulator Building

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Our wish for Day #1: Add a new attraction to the Simulator Building


We understand that with changes in management that the simulator building was gutted and the planned new attraction canceled, but it's been several years now that it has been sitting vacant and underused. It should be a priority to come up with a new use-- a new type of simulator ride or some other kind of indoor attraction. With the park's nine month long season it helps to have more indoor attractions. 



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^ In the Red Zone/Shapiro years they planned to add an upcharge 5D standup simulator attraction that would have been the first of its kind in the world. Luckily(?) it didn't happen because they were out and the current H-Partners led board took over and cancelled it. The company that was supposed to install the ride apparently never sold another one so I assume the concept was a flop... 

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I think Six Flags should try to get permission from Warner Bros to use movie names and characters for films for new simulators chain-wide.Basically the simulator movies would be based on movie series like "lethal Weapon","Police Academy" and "Vacation" and have look-alikes do most of the acting.Six Flags could go as far as make at least 3 movies for each title:the first one would be used for most of the season,the second would be only for Fright Fest,and the third would only be shown during HITP.

I know that's alot to ask for,but building all those Justice League shoot-'em-ups seemed to pay off.

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The Founder of this park, Warner LeRoy after all is The Grandson and Grand Nephew of Warner Brothers. So Yeah, Six Flags should but only for Great Adventure,  because WB is part of his Family Business 

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