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2022 Great ADVENTure Calendar- Day 13- New Capital Investments Each Season

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The park needs some physical new thing each season. Yes, festivals and events are nice and a great way to bring back repeat visitor like passholders, but unless there's a new attraction most people will see no reason to return. 


The 2002 season was a perfect example-- the "Summer of Festivals" was the only promoted new addition and attendance suffered.

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All management has to do is look at their books and see that every season where they did not add a new attraction, their attendance dropped and so did their profits. It happened with Premier in 2000 even though they just added the War on Lines collection and built a water park, it happened again in 2002 when they had the “Season of Festivals” which flopped, and once again in 2004 when they held off on new capital knowing that Golden Kingdom/Ka was coming.  New rides drives attendance.   

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I have to wonder if they may not be as aggressive with new additions more recently because one of their main competitors, Dorney is much worse about adding things. After Bumper Cars and a Troika were added in 2017, the only attraction added to either the rides area or water park has been a new water play area last year that replaced one that had been there since 1998. Plus a minimum of 16 years since they last added a coaster at the park that is still operating.


Back in the 2000's when Great Adventure was adding what seemed like a new coaster almost every year, Dorney was adding more back then too with Talon in 2001, Hydra in 2005 and Voodoo/Possessed in 2008 as well as 10 water slides in 2003, Aqua Racer in 2007 and updating Camp Snoopy to Planet Snoopy with more rides in 2010.

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