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Remote Control 4x4 Trucks - Big Wheel Spotlight

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I know it was a different time and would never happen today but it's really surprising to see that photo and see no fence of anything. Even if someone is watching their kids, a little kid could get away and run right into the ride area.


I tried the trucks one or two times. It was fun for something different but didn't think it was really something I needed to frequently go to. I preferred the boats near Jolly Roger that I usually tried at least once a season.

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I have to believe this photo was taken just days after the park opened in 1974.  I think it's just another representation of the park opening before it was actually completely finished, with a number of rides not having cues.  The carousel was another ride that lacked any real barriers.

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makes me wondered why didn't they put the abc garden in the old Great Lake grandstand area and maybe get the tilt n whirl from the former american adventures in the old rc trucks spot, maybe there's wasn't enough room for a tilt n whirl

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