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Tivoli Pier at Tropicana Atlantic City


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so, this was a old theme park that used to be in Tropicana Atlantic City, its used to be where part of the casino floor, boogie nights, poker room & lobby area is now, they used to have a dark ride and a Ferris wheel which is the first things you see when going to enter the park


I can't find more information on this other than a few pictures & a video from 1996 when the park was closed


here's the image of the Ferris wheel that was in tropicana:


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I have been looking for pictures for years and haven’t been able to find anything besides the Diamond Jim’s Ferris Wheel.


I was there multiple times and can list what the attractions were.


Main Floor:

Tivoli Plunge. It was the coaster with 2 cars with 4 riders each. The lift hill took you into a room with a disco ball and a skyline of Atlantic City. The drop followed a 180 degree turn and it looked like you dropped out of a building over water with water jets but you didn’t get wet. There was a banked 180 degree turn that went near the entrance. You got 2 laps.


Motion simulator that was space themed


Cavalcade of Stars. Animatronic show with animals resembling famous celebrities like Elton John and Rodney Dangerfield.


Western Saloon with a small show.


There was a spiral ramp to take you to the lower level.  

Lower level;

Funhouse with some green screen scenes like a magic carpet you could sit on and a TV showed you flying around on it. There was a shadow strobe room and musical instrument pictures on the wall and when you pressed a button, the sound of the instrument played.


bumper cars themed to old fashioned cars.


Dark ride, each car was themed to a rolling chair and you went past scenes of Atlantic City with some projections of people in the scenes. The last room had firework projections all over. I still remember the tune of the song that played in the ride.

Both floors had arcade games but most were on the main level including some carnival games where you could win prizes. 


Admission was originally a few dollars and then you paid per ride or bought a wristband. Later they made it free admission with pay per ride or wristbands.


The last few years there was a gate price of around $10 for unlimited rides and attractions. If you had the casino players card (free but only for 21 and over), you got free admission and rides at the time. 

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One interesting note, the "On the Boardwalk" dark ride which featured an omnimover set of bright yellow rolling chairs was relocated to Wildwood following Tivoli's closure.  The cars were enclosed, dirtied, and reopened as "Zombie World - Laser Shooting Haunted House Ride."







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