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Lightnin' Loops today

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We visited Frontier City a few years back; worth the drive....really a nice park.
TBH, the relocation of the “Blue/Lower Loop Side” to Frontier City was our primary reason for visiting the park. (well, & to do a bit of storm chasing,  too).
Having ridden the “Red/Upper Loop” as LL and then again as the relocated “Python”; the opportunity to ride to “other side” was NOT going to pass me by. 

We made about 10 or so minutes of OFF-RIDE video of Diamondback during our visit to Frontier City & hanging-up in my  Parent’s office is a close-up shot of the “Python” in action. Framed and all! Lol. I’d be more than happy to share these items with you for the update. 

Did you know?

 The “LOOP” portion of the coaster has undergone significant/obvious track work  since being removed from GA .

The number of cross ties around the loop have increased dramatically; if memory arrives, the track work took place a few seasons after the relocation to FC had taken place .Little fun fact. 


let me know if you want any of video clips of pics!
Take care! 
-CJ Mayer

*UPDATED* to include the photos we snapped of LL (Upper-RedSide) during our first visit to Adventure World, now known as Six Flags America in 1998. Pics and video of DIAMONDBACK to follow shortly after; 

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Adventure World , Largo MD ( SixFlags America) LIGHTNIN’ LOOPS/UPPER-RED during its final season (1998, I believe)
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3 minutes ago, attended year one said:

I found the vintage comercial for the introduction of lighting loops on you tube.  I remember seeing it for the first time saying "A 5 story drop and it goes backwards?"  I rode that one a lot.



Do you have the link for the commercial?  I would love to see that commercial again.

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I kind of stumbled on it when I was looking for info on the haunted castle.  I just tried to find it again but was not successful.  I will keep looking send it to you when I find it.  

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That one was really neat but not the one I was talking about.  The one I found was the introduction to Lighting loops.  it was just after the ride opened and no one yet knew that after going through it all, it did it again backwards.  I saw that commercial and immediately mowed every lawn in the neighborhood to have the money to go ride lighting loops.  

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