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Six Flags Additions for 2023 (Not Great Adventure)


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This is the place to discuss 2023 news, rumors, and predictions for all Six Flags parks that are not Six Flags Great Adventure.



1) To avoid redundant posting across topics, do not post about Great Adventure.



Six Flags Over Texas: Aquaman: Power Wave (confirmed) 


La Ronde:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom:

Six Flags St. Louis:

Six Flags Darien Lake: 

Six Flags Magic Mountain:

Six Flags Mexico:

Six Flags Fiesta Texas:

Frontier City:

Six Flags Great America:

Six Flags Over Georgia:

Six Flags America:

Six Flags New England:

Great Escape:


Water Parks:

White Water Atlanta:

Hurricane Harbor Concord:

Hurricane Harbor LA:

Hurricane Harbor Phoenix:

Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec:

Hurricane Harbor Arlington:

Hurricane Harbor Splashtown:

Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City:

Hurricane Harbor Rockford:

Hurricane Harbor Chicago:


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It's pretty difficult (if not impossible) to know for sure what each park would get, especially the smaller ones. Six Flags goes rogue quite often, but the rest of the typical staples seem to have been mass produced already. Whichever parks don't have the Zamperla Discovery would be contenders, but even that has its limit because I doubt something of that scale would be sent to Great Escape.


The most recent fads were the Skyline Attraction's Skywarps (which were a failure) and the Tourbillon (I can see more of these being added). The wild card would be to see if another Power Splash gets added anywhere, and that would be huge to see Mack Rides working with Six Flags so actively.


With the dive machine heading to SFFT, I think it's safe to say B&M is back in the conversation and we could even see another small scale one arrive in 2023 (not expecting anything of the scale of Nitro, Tatsu, Fury). It would be EPIC to see Great Adventure get a B&M down the road (though surely not in 2023), pushing us to 6 B&Ms. 😎

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Some bad rumors for Darien Lake. Mind Eraser may be closed this season with new trains possibly for 2023. There is also the rumor Ride of Steel will be removed before the 2023 season. If true, that will be a huge loss for the park.

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People on Reddit are saying it is Skyline Attractions' P'Sghetti Bowl track. From watching an IAAPA video, the light up track looks like it is going to be really cool.



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On this post, Jeffrey mentioned that the bumper cars are being removed for future expansion.



The bumper cars are located across from the existing children's area and it looks like the perfect spot for a P'Sghetti Bowl coaster.



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Bonzai Pipelines was usually SBNO the times I've gone.

I myself only did it a small number of times. 

I know the land SFA occupies has some sort of nature preserve area, as well as that house (Hall Manor) in the woods behind the Wild One.

What could go there?

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Another kiddie coaster should be a good addition for SFOG. Joker's Funhouse Coaster seems to get a long line compared to kiddie coasters at other parks.

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Looks like SFStl is getting one too. I wonder how many parks are getting these and can Skyline really manufacture that many before the end of the season. I have a suspicion some will open late. Hopefully it works better than their previous attractions... 

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They should stop calling all of the parks "Thrill Capitals" with this lame lineup.  Six Flags needs a CEO that isn't afraid of thrill rides and understands what guests are looking for.  I have no interest in visiting Six Flags Great America in 2023 and trying out one of the 90 new benches or eating the new overpriced junk food that now meets Selim's standards.


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On 3/8/2023 at 10:00 AM, GAcoaster said:

I've heard they are better, but it's still an SLC which isn't a great ride to start with. 

They are 100% better. I stopped riding Mind Eraser now Riddler at SFNE before the new trains. Now I love it. Yes you get tossed around but there’s no head banging so it’s a fun intense ride. Ride it all the time now. Great to see them giving these trains to other parks. 

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Six Flags America is adding a water coaster called RipQurl Blaster.



"Riders will climb aboard a two-person raft for a white-knuckle ride through three powerful uphill rip currents while zig-zagging through 557 feet of twists and turns. The ride features three breathtaking drops, three AquaLucent hairpin turns, and a pitch-black wall-hugging helix finale before the final splashdown."


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July is almost half over and it seems the majority of Six Flags new for 2023 additions are far from opening.  At GA we are still waiting on the kiddie Barnstormer to be reintroduced from 2022.  If anything substantial was going to be added for 2024 they better start building now.  

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