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Planned But Never Built: Batman & Robin The Chiller - An Early Design

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1. Do you think it would have still had a fustercluck of issues even if it had been built in it's original planned design?
2. As I've often thought, given how better LSM's are now; could the concept of The Chiller work in 2022?

3. 29yrswithaGApass, how often did you get to ride The Chiller? As I've read, because of how taller the inverted top hat was, the Batman side required more LIM's/power consumption, thus it had more downtime (on year it didn't even operate)

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I think one of the major issues with Chiller was the power supply.  This dates back to Lightnin' Loops having to discontinue the routine practice of launching both trains at the same time once FreeFall was installed in 1983.  From 1978 to 1982 there wasn't an issue but when FreeFall was added operators were instructed not to launch both loops simultaneously.  They only had to worry about that until 1987 when the lower blue loop was closed.  The same issue resurfaced when Chiller was added with the coasters rarely dueling.  Maybe they thought the removal of FreeFall at the end of 2006 would help the issue but by then the trains and track were having issue with stress cracks.


Aside from the disastrous 1997 season, rides on Chiller were common.  I may have just timed it right but it was open on most of my trips before the issues started setting in.  It was always easier to get on Robin (red) versus Batman (blue) as they opened that side more often.  Even with the head banging, I preferred the neck harnesses to the lap bars - those weren't friendly to taller guests.  As the LIM issues became more common the anxiety level went up especially when the trains headed up the dead end spike and hit the top LIMs.  Those LIMs further pushed the train towards the track's end I often wondered what if there was a power surge and the LIMs shot the train towards the tip!



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The more you look at it the more weird it gets too!


The layout they went with definitely was a space saver but I have to wonder if it was also the cause of so many issues it had. The tighter turns for doubling back on itself probably added some of that stress the ride had issues with. 

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